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Cogeneration plants


We offer cogeneration heat and power (CHP) plants based on biogas, natural gas, LNG, LPG, sewage gas and other synthetic gases. In addition to complete plant design we offer the technology separately. For example we offer gas engines, microturbines and other solutions in the energy sector, such as biogas pumping stations. We are ready to provide turnkey solutions with every project, meaning we will manage the whole project from development of the technological solutions and up to starting up your plant.


Cogeneration of electricity and heat will increase the efficiency of energy use and due to the possibility of using local energy sources as fuels, it turns energy production profitable and flexible. The use of CHP plants is especially practical in Scandinavia and eastern Europe where heat can be used directly for heating.

Advantages of CHP plant 

When comparing to the separate prodution of electricity and heat then cogeneration has many advantages. According to data from European Biomass Industry Association cogeneration is 27% more efficient than separate prduction. To achieve maximal efficiency it is recommended to construct the CHP plant as close as possible to the heat consumer in order to reduce losses from heat transfer. In addition heat production capacity should be equal to the amount consumed because extra boilers reduce overall efficiency.

Most important advantages include:

  • High efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Independency from central system
The following graph illustrates the energy usage differences between separate production and cogeneration. The upper part represents the separate production of heat and electricity and the lower shows cogeneration. The data here is an average. Depending on the specific motor and solution used the efficiency of electricity production can increase up to 45 %.

cogeneration principle











We offer:


We deliver cogeneration plants based on gas engines and microturbines:

In addition we offer other energy solutions such as biogas pumping stations