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Internal combustion engines

MWM gaasimootor

Gas engine fuels include natural gas, biogas and synthetic gas (e.g. wood gas and mine gas). We offer gas engines from two leading producers -
MWM with power production of 400 - 4300 kW and Sommer Energy  with power production of 8 - 400 kW.

MWM gas engines

MWM is one of the world's leading producers of effective and environmentally friendly energy production devices. Experience for over 140 years with production of natural gas, biogas and diesel fuel combustion engines speaks for itself.

Power range for MWM engines is from 400 kW up to 4300 kW. Their gas engines are used in industrial buildings, hospitals, swimming pools, airports, mines and elsewhere to produce electricity and heat. MWM engines are common in greenhouses producing heat and light. The CO2 from outlet gas is used to accelerate photosynthesis.