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When founded in 2001, Teamwork Engineering OÜ’ services included only mechanical engineering and design. Through the years, after a couple of name changes, many new services have been added to our list of expertise. In addition to mechanical engineering, we have started to offer full solutions of factory equipment with assembling and installing them into our clients’ work process. Also, we have included gas supply and industrial process engineering and design into our portfolio of services.

Our mission is to offer best possible solutions for manufacturing and industrial companies by making production easier, quicker and less resourceful.

Our vision is to create ways to modernize manufacturing in Estonia and contribute to automated production through specialized and dedicated team.

Our design software includes:

Mechanical engineering –                                  PTC Creo/Elements Direct, SolidWorks

Gas supply and process engineering –            Vertex G4 Plant

MTR (Register of Economic Activities) registrations:

EEP003518 – Designing

TGT000404 – Gas works (Designing of gas installations)

Teamwork Engineering OÜ is a member of the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry and ESTEN Group – a group of mechanical engineering companies. There are two accredited level 8 mechanical engineers in our team.


Meelis Viisileht


Andres Petritšenko

Project Manager

Mats Viisileht



Teamwork Engineering OÜ

Registry code: 10725075

KMKR: EE100684782

Kadaka tee 42F, Tallinn, Estonia

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