Gas Systems Design

Natural gas is a great solution for technological processes of industrial companies, energy production and also transportation. There are many ways natural gas can be used: from the gas pipeline, as a CNG (compressed natural gas) or as a LNG (liquefied natural gas). In cooperation with Sarlin Oy, Teamwork Engineering offers gas systems solutions as EPC contractors. In addition, we offer solutions for biogas, CHP plants and for the usage of gases released from industrial production processes.

Advantages of LNG(liquefied natural gas):

  • possibility to supply regions which are not connected to the gas pipeline
  • the gas is cooled down, so the volume of LNG is ca 1/600 of gas volume under normal conditions
  • after re-gasification LNG is even cleaner than conventional natural gas
  • liquefaction of natural gas makes the transportation and storage of natural gas easy and economical

Advantages of compressed natural gas (CNG):

  • more economical than conventional fuels
  • more environmentally friendly than conventional fuels
  • natural gas vehicles are becoming more widespread
  • easy, clean and safe refuelling
  • CNG is a pioneer to biomethane that is a renewable source of energy and an important future fuel

Biogas and biomethane

Biogas is a gaseous fuel that can be produced by fermentation: when organic waste decomposes, biogas and digestate are the received products. As an additional benefit, the smell of manure, content of pathogens, and emission of greenhouse gases decreases, weed seeds will die and the percentage of ammonium in nitrogen will increase. It is possible to produce biogas from the biomass growing on agricultural land and also from the biomass produced by industries. Agricultural production waste can be manure, bait waste, gardening waste, food waste, sewage, etc.

By purifying biogas it is possible to produce renewable fuel – biomethane.During the process, content of methane in biogas increases, content of CO2 and other unnecessary substances will decrease. As a result, the heating value of biogas increases and the possibility of corrosion in the systems decreases. In Estonia, biomethane that is mixed with natural gas or is sent to the gas network should contain at least 98% of methane. If the quality of biomethane corresponds to that of natural gas’, it can be used everywhere, the same as natural gas (for example in compressed gas vehicles). It should be taken into consideration that compressed gas vehicles should be filled up more often, but the retail price for compressed gas is cheaper.

Different methods of producing biomethane from biogas:

  • Pressure swing adsorption
  • Water scrubbing
  • Organic physical absorption
  • Chemical absorption
  • Membrane permeation
  • Cryogenic process

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