Process piping design and project management

Teamwork Engineering OÜ is specialized in industrial solutions such as process piping design, plant design, project management. At the moment there are a lot of industrial companies, where all the processes are still only on paper. Nowadays, laser scanning has made it possible to get the reality into a digital 3-dimensional model. Into the precise 3D model we can add data of all pipes, fittings, valves, equipment, etc. Industries are in constant change and with a 3D model of your production process it is possible to change, upgrade or improve existing processes quicker and more cost-effective.

Having a precise 3D model helps you with:

  • installing new equipment/pipelines
  • necessary upgrades/improvements of process piping
  • calculating material costs more precisely
  • building extensions
  • advertising your process to your own clients

We have divided our work process into four stages:

  • Laser scanning* – surveying existing processes (pipelines, equipment, etc.) into a 3D pointcloud model, from which measurements and coordinates can be taken.
  • P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) – generating a P&I diagram of planned pipelines, valves, instruments etc. (also linking with an existing P&ID if possible).
  • Creating a 3D model – creating a 3D model of existing process piping and adding planned pipelines (if necessary, creating a 3D model of only planned pipelines).
  • Generating ISO drawings – generating working drawings and specifications of planned process pipelines.

*Laser scanning – we only offer it when new pipelines are planned into the existing process of the plant/factory. With complex and tightly placed process pipelines, it helps save time (laser scanning is many times faster than recurrent manual measuring) and also money (you will receive more precise drawings and material specifications of planned pipelines).

Services we offer:

  • Process piping design
  • Production process design
  • Plant design
  • Project management
  • P&ID design
  • Digitizing drawings and P&I diagrams

For more detailed offers, please feel free to contact us!

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